The entrance door series Exclusive
for lovers of uniqueness

Our exclusive variants with completely new shapes and finishes made of exquisite materials make unique entrance doors possible.

All exclusive variants
at a glance

  • Entrance door with a Rodenberg door panel from Art-Concrete from the series Exclusive

    Every entrance door made of Art-Concrete is unique with a different surface structure. This is what makes this mineral-based material so fascinating.

  • Entrance door with a Rodenberg door panel Ceramic-Art-Corten from the series Exclusive
    Ceramic Art-Corten

    Your new entrance door in the look of Corten-Seel. Not only the look is deceptively real, also the haptic resembles amazingly real rust.

  • Entrance door with a Rodenberg door panel from Art-Ceramic from the series Exclusive
    Ceramic Art-Steel

    Now it's getting really cool: cool as steel, scratch-resistant and always flawless, your front door is made of unique Art-Steel

  • Entrance door with a Rodenberg door panel from Art-Stone from the series Exclusive
    Ceramic Art-Stone

    The strong surface made of scratch-resistant ceramic has the appearance of smooth stone and can hardly be distinguished from the original.

  • Entrance door with a Rodenberg door panel crystal-collection from the series Exclusive

    With real Swarovski crystals your entrance door shows shining and shimmering individuality and thus becomes a real jewel of your house.

  • Entrance door with a Rodenberg door panel from Colani from the series Exclusive

    With his futuristic designs, Colani belongs to the avant-garde of designers. Discover a unique series of entrance doors.

  • Entrance door with a Rodenberg door panel integrated handle from the series Exclusive
    Integrated handle

    As if made of one piece: door leaf and handle form a harmonious unit. The handle element fits elegantly and simply into the overall look.

  • Entrance door with a Rodenberg door panel lignum friom the series Exclusive
    Lignum genuine wood surface

    New and very exclusive at Rodenberg: high-quality genuine wood surfaces from lively grained oak veneer, rustic and noble at the same time.

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Discover the variety of models of the Rodenberg entrance doors and let us inspire you. Browse comfartably through our online catalogues or download the desired model as a pdf-file. Selected catalogues can be ordered by mail to your home - recognizable by the small package Symbol.

  • Rodenberg catalogue for premium entrance doors
    General catalogue

    Modern, Exclusive, Classic

  • Rodenberg catalogue for glass and elegance
    Glass & Elegance (de)

    All glass entrance doors

  • Lignum (de)

    Entrance doors with genuine wood surfaces

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Rodenberg develops and produces high-quality entrance door panels according to your wishes and ideas. The consultation, ordering, delivery and installation of your entrance door is carried out by a specialist partner in your area. Please understand that Rodenberg cannot give you any price information..